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10-Mar-2012 08:53

The main living room on the day we moved in (left) and during the renovation (right).

livingroombefore500.jpg livingroomduring500.jpg

And now...

CA living room 1.jpg

Left: The bathroom we used for the first 6 months. The bucket next to the toilet is because it didn't flush. The hose pipe was to bring water in as none of the plumbing worked. And behind the falling off tiles on the walls were cobwebs galore - eeeek!
Right: The room we eventually turned into the bathroom.

originalbathroom500.jpg bathroombefore500.jpg

The finished downstairs bathroom

CA sunken bath 1.jpg

The kitchen during renovation. When we first moved in the floor was just mud in this area as it was used as a sort of store room/workshop.


And now...

CA kitchen 1.jpg