Cortijo Arriba - 21 May 11

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21 May 11

Hare Raising

21-May-2011 10:36

We were supposed to be having a relaxing day today - lying around trying to recharge the old, flagging batteries. Then our neighbour came round with what looked like a rag of fur in his hands. On closer inspection it was this little fella - a baby hare, officially called a leveret.
Here he is...


Apparently he'd been ploughing his field (Pedro not the hare!) and saw an adult hare go running off, when he looked closer he saw this little boy so brought him home thinking we'd like him.
Well, yes of course we like him, but my main concern was getting him back to his mum asap. So we drove to Pedro's land and scanned the area where he'd found it. It was all ploughed up with no signs of a nest, or other babies (I'm thankful to say). What to do?
I was all for putting him under a bush, retreating to the car and waiting to see if his mum returned. But Dave was convinced she wouldn't be interested because we didn't know exactly where the nest would've been and the little chap now smelt (strongly) of diesel and humans. Ok, we came to a compromise and retreated to the car with little'un and waited and waited and waited. No sign of mum. Eventually we decided we simply couldn't leave the little boy out all night in the hope his mum would return so we brought him home.
He's the cutest little thing and, now he's used to us feeding him, has a hearty appetite.


After he has a feed he likes to hop around my studio, then it's time for a little wash - ceeeute!

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